Energised Yantra


Yantrais the Sanskrit word for “instrument” or “machine”. Much like the word “instrument” itself. The specialty and uniqueness of a Yantra lies in it being an aniconic visible manifestation of God (Deity) or Divine entity. As per Vydic tradition, Yantra is a mystical, magical entity with many representation and forms with powers invoked from Supernatural Powers. It is an extremely Sacred composition of Mystic Symbols and certain Geometric diagrams using Spiritual concepts and astronomical derivations that are often inscribed on Paper, Precious stones, Metal Plates such as Gold, Silver or Copper which is said to possess strong magical powers which take effect only upon invoking the Divine energy in to them using correct recitation of the designated Mantras and with constant, continuous praying. There are many different Yantras for different specific reasons. Some of the popularly known and used Yantras by all in general are – Sri Chakra Yantra, Sri Yantra, MatsyaYantra, GaneshaYantra, SriSudarshanaYantra etc. Each type of Yantra is designated to and represents a particular form of Deity.


Dhumavati Yantra: Beholder of Smoke, her persona is deceptive. To those who only see her outward appearance Dhumavati is fearsome and without beauty. To those who look deeper, and beyond the superficial, she bestows powerful blessings with her right hand and represents the divine mother. Dhumavati is the seventh of the Mahavidyas.Focus upon this yantra will aid in dispelling false perceptions, and seeing the beauty in ugly situations.

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Ganesh Yantra: The Ganesh Yantra is a good focal point for good luck and success in new ventures. Ganesha is viewed as the remover of obstacles. Meditate upon this yantra when you perceive roadblocks in your life – spiritual or physical. When you need direction or you need the rivers of abundance or creativity to flow, concentration upon the blockage-stopping energy of the Ganesh yantra will help get the flow going again.

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Kali Yantra: Kali represents destruction and creation and is an aspect of the Hindu Divine Mother. The Kali Yantra invites the observer to go about the business of manifestation as play time. Kali keeps evil at bay as we focus upon our creative powers, and live in the joy of creating the lives that bring happiness to ourselves and those around us. When focused upon, the Kali Yantra is said to speed spiritual transformation and allows for quick resolution to problems.

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Lakshmi Yantra: Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess representative of fortune, light, luck, and beauty. She herself is beautiful and benevolent. Associated with the lotus, her yantra facilitates spiritual progress, enlightenment, and overcoming internal discourse. When focused upon, the Lakshmi energies are engaged and said to expedite abundant wealth, harmony, and tranquility to our lives.

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Shri Yantra Mandala: Also known as the Cosmic Yantra, the Sri or ShriYantra Mandala is the most popular of the Hindu MahavidyaYantras. The ShriYantra is a symbol of Tripurasundari, the supreme goddess of the trantric sect of ShriVidya. The ShriVidya is the symbol (yantra) of nine intersecting triangles within a ‘circle’ or lotus, and is an interpretation of dynamic female energy intersecting vibrant male energy.

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Budha Mandala: This Yantra is used to appease the planet Buddha or Mercury. When Mercury is afflicted the use of Mercury Yantra (BudhYantra) is very beneficial and favourable. This Yantra protects from fire and electric loss etc. it is specially favorable for a pregnant woman against abortion and for the safe delivery of child. It is embossed on copper plate. This is very useful for people darling with mathematics, commerce and communication and also for business. It removes the ominous effect on the person. It should be kept on rising Moon Wednesday. It should be worshipped on Wednesday after washing it with holy water and by reciting the following Mantra 9000 times “Om BrangBreengBroungSahBudhayNamah ” “Pooja of Mercury should be performed with flowers of various colours.”

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Kaalsarp Yantra: Kaalsarp Yantra Kaal means death. The person born under KaalSarpYog passes through death like agonies throughout the life. The KaalSarpYog is formed when all the planets are situated between Rahu and Ketu. Mantra: “Om AsteekMunayeNamah”.

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Ketu Yantra: According to astrology when Ketu is adverse, success is difficult to achieve. KetuYantra is useful in such situation. Method of Use: Establish the yantra with faith and light a lamp having mustard oil before it. Offer blue or black flowers. This yantra is beneficial in the problems of death, debt, litigation, loss, bone disease, arthritis and all discuses etc. Embloyed persons can succeed by the help of Ketu. Mantra: “Om SraangSringSraungSahKetaweNamah”

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Kuber Yantra: is useful for gaining of gold, gems, buried wealth, and ancestral property. Money is received through various channels. This yantra is used in a static manner. Energize the yantra by sitting under a Bel (Wood apple) tree and recite Kuber Mantra ‘Om KauberaayaNamah’. Afterwards the yantra should be kept in a cash box or in safe.

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Mangal Yantra: Whenever a person goes ahead on an important task or project he has may worries. Whether the work will be successful or not, such feelings come repeatedly. Sometimes the task is unsuccessful. MangalYantra is useful for attaining success in such endeavors. Sometimes people work very hard but are unable to get good results or they have to face criticism. Under such circumstances this yantra can be utilized. Method of Use: Recite Siddhi Vinayak Mantra before this yantra. Mantra:”OmKraangKringKraungSahBhaumaayNamah”

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Rahu Yantra: is regarded as most potent for achieving success in matters related to foreign countries. The persons who are connected with foreign countries or are residing/working away from home may derive benefits by this yantra. Rahuyantra is also helpful in maintaining good health and safeguarding from enemies. The employees get promotion only by blessings of Rahu. Method of Use: Establish the yantra with faith and light a lamp having mustard oil before it daily. Offer blue or black flowers. Mantra: “Om BhraangBhringBhraungSahRahaweNamah”

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Shani Yantra: Shani Yantra When Saturn is adverse, it poses many problems. Accident conflicts, poor financial position are few examples. Under such circumstance this yantra can bring peace and comforts. This yantra must be worshipped when Saturn’s sadesati or dhayga is on. The employees can make progress in life only by grace of Saturn. Method of Use: Establish the yantra with faith and devotion and light before it daily a lamp containing mustard oil. Offer blue or black flowers. Mantra:”OmPraangPringPraungSahShanayeNamah”

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Shukra Yantra: This yantra wipes out bad influences of planet Venus and renders good results. For improvements in love affair, married life, cooperation from opposite sex, luxuries this yantra is ideal. The persons connected with film world or music must derive benefits from it. Method of Use: For improvement in the affair offer scented flower to the yantra on every Friday. For a happy married life keep this yantra in bedroom. For increase in luxuries or success in world of arts worship the yantra regularly. Mantra:”OmDraangDringDraungSahShukraayaNamah”

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Shree Yantra: This yantra is used for enhancing wealth, gain of money, getting loan, success in lottery or gambling etc. This eliminates poverty and renders success to the users. The person desirous of infinite luxuries and wealth should recite Lakshmi Sookt daily before ShreeeYantra. Offer five nuts (Panchmeva) to Goddess. The miracle will take place soon. When all the efforts for gain of wealth have failed then recite stotra composed by AdiShankaraCharya before Shree Yantra. Unlimited wealth may be gained by use of Shree Yantra. Mantra:”OmHringShreeng Kling MahaalakshmyaiNamah”

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Surya Yantra: Sun is regarded as most powerful of all the planets and is master of many activities of human life. Sun gives good health, energy and success to mankind. Surya Yantra is ideal if Sun is weak in the horoscope. Method of Use: Keep this yantra before you in the morning and worship in a normal manner with lamp and incense etc. and recite mantra of Sun. For bliss and gains from father, success in life this yantra is ideal. Mantra: “Om HraangHringHraungSahSuryaayNamah”

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Sampuran Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra: Sampuran Vastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra VastuShastra is a science which helps us to achieve material prosperity, mental peace, happiness and harmony at home and work place. Vastu harnesses the various energies present around us in a particular pattern so that they blend harmoniously with the person. Sampoorn Vastu Dosh NivaranYantra is designed specially to attain this objective. It consists of 13 yantras viz. Vastu Dosh NivaranYantra, BaglamukhiYantra, GayatriYantra, MahamrityunjayaYantra, MahakaliYantra, VastuMahayantra, KetuYantra, RahuYantra, ShaniYantra, MangalYantra, KuberYantra, Sri Yantra, GanpatiYantra. All these yantras help in maintaining the balance and harmony in our external and internal vaastu and thus make our life more happier. By worshipping vaastu purush vaastu yantra, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh and all other gods and goddessess are worshipped. The vastupooja disintegrate all obstacles in the environment which otherwise may impede us. It also protects us from untoward harm and misfortune. It can be installed at home as well as at work place in North or East direction. Recite the following mantra. Mantra: “Om NamohBhagwateVastuPurushay”

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