Energised Yantra

Yantra is the Sanskrit word for “instrument” or “machine”. Much like the word “instrument” itself. The specialty and uniqueness of a Yantra lies in it being an aniconic visible manifestation of God (Deity) or Divine entity. As per Vydic tradition, Yantra is a mystical, magical entity with many representation and forms with powers invoked from Supernatural Powers. It is an extremely Sacred composition of Mystic Symbols and certain Geometric diagrams using Spiritual concepts and astronomical derivations that are often inscribed on Paper, Precious stones, Metal Plates such as Gold, Silver or Copper which is said to possess strong magical powers which take effect only upon invoking the Divine energy in to them using correct recitation of the designated Mantras and with constant, continuous praying. There are many different Yantras for different specific reasons. Some of the popularly known and used Yantras by all in general are – Sri Chakra Yantra, Sri Yantra, MatsyaYantra, GaneshaYantra, SriSudarshanaYantra etc. Each type of Yantra is designated to and represents a particular form of Deity.

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